Theater by Nature was an international training seminar for the development of competencies for workers and youth leaders in the prevention and resolution of conflicts, through the use of theater methodology and nonviolent communication for educational activities in a natural environment.

The objective of this project was to prepare youth leaders, facilitators, project coordinators and youth workers, to face situations of conflict or misunderstanding in environmental education projects, at a natural environment, where it is necessary to facilitate that the participants can express themselves and reach a commitment for the common good.



The emergence of conflicts inherent in human relations, and our goal is that they never threaten the basic sense of security of young people and that these conflicts are not an impediment to the learning process of projects, but on the contrary, we learn how to take advantage of them as a source and motor of learning.


The development of these competences for coexistence is based on the ability to know and understand our own needs and know how to communicate them to others. An especially valuable skill when working in a multicultural environment, or with young people who present exclusion factors, where personal needs can be very different from what we expect and not knowing how to share them can come the frustration of the process of communication and coexistence


In short, with Theater by Nature, we shared experiences with all participating entities and created a space where workers and youth leaders could share, reflect and learn from an educational project in the natural environment, and learn how to improve communication between all the participating actors.


The Theater by Nature course took place in Guía de Isora, Tenerife, from 9 to 15 March 2020 and has brought together 24 leaders and youth workers from 10 different countries.

The program of our course was built around several thematic blocks, distributed throughout each working day:

1 – Building safe environment for working as a community

2- Discovering the natural environment, education tools in nature

3 – Practice of mindfulness, introduction to the steps and elements of nonviolent communication

3 – Creation of a peer support network

5 – Practicing nonviolent communication with theater methodology in nature

6 – Planning dissemination

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