Our main goal is to share with young people from other countries our hobby for
making videos and photography and enjoy together a living space in nature to
learn more about the environmental problems we have in each of our regions of
We want to learn from each other how to shoot movies with simple technical
means, and use videos created by ourselves, to make visible environmental
problems that affect us as climate change, waste plastics, or invasive species,
and thus achieve a shift towards habits and more sustainable attitudes in our
Thanks to living and work together in nature, we want to learn more about the
peoples and ways of life that make up Europe, and that this serves to prevent
xenophobic behaviors and negative stereotypes, based on ignorance of other
For 10 days, 25 young people between 20 and 25 years old from Estonia,
Poland, Slovenia, and Spain, will live together in nature, to learn more about
how to make our own video creations, and how to use them as a tool for
reporting and environmental education.

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