We are happy to send you the information about the Youth Exchange Europe Trail, this is a very special project and we want you to be motivated and ready to put your energy and enthusiasm into it.

Please be sure that you have fulfilled your personal details on the participant form: https://forms.gle/XY4oBeRtQy7sKqUXA

EUROPE TRAIL is a Erasmus + Youth Exchange, to meet other youngsters from the many cultures that live together in Europe, and that are shaping the new intercultural identity of the European Union.

Through living together, environmental awareness, enjoy of nature and overcoming challenges as a team, we want to discover together the values that unite us and the cultural differences that enrich us.

For 9 days, the 25 participants residing in Latvia, Norway, Poland and Spain, will live together in the cabins of the La Esperanza forest in Tenerife, to share our diverse cultural origins, and discover more about the nature that surrounds us.

We will explore various natural spaces on the island of Tenerife  through trails accessible to anyone. We will learn more about mountain safety, orientation techniques and the history and nature of our regions and much more. We will also work together with the community to carry out environmental volunteer


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